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Nov. 27th, 2011

patrick wolf likes the guitar

(no subject)

hi guys.

it's been forever, but. i just wanted to stop by and say hello, life is beautiful, you are beautiful, don't forget.

i tumble now, too: kooperdoopers.tumblr.com

come check me out. and follow me, you know, if you're into that sort of thing. 

Nov. 21st, 2010

cary grant & irene dunne / awful truth

a shameless plug.

do you like to read? like literature? like photography? like art? check out Used Furniture Review:


in the works is an interview with Jasper Fforde. today we published one with Luis Alberto Urrea.

we're also open for submissions, always.

check us out and tell your friends, please!

Apr. 3rd, 2010

cary grant & irene dunne / awful truth

you're six-foot tall and east coast bred.

okay, so, yes, my life is going on and i am still alive. second semester is going and going; i'm getting more MAP courses (NYU's core CAS curriculum) out of the way, so my total workload this semester includes a prob/stat Quantitative Reasoning class (love the professor, and am doing surprisingly well, though it is a math class for people who hate math), an elementary physics Natural Science class (the biggest waste of my life ever, but I'm somehow managing to maintain a good grade), Literary Interpretations (the pre-requisite for all other classes in the English department), and Elements of Music (a basic music theory class through CAS that will count towards my minor). Oh, and voice lessons, but that's a given.

i've recently become overwhelmed with my future plans and how i ever expect to accomplish them all without dying (i.e. major in english, double minor in music and english education, professional certificate in editing which will help when i apply to grad school programs (preferably nyu scps) to earn a master's degree in publishing, but then the question always is, what then?), so it's an up-and-down battle. i have to start thinking about taking the gre, but i don't really have to worry yet, but i should. and my advisor is pushing for me to apply to the presidential scholar's program, so i suppose i will; i'll ask my seminar professor from last semester to write me a letter of recommendation and i'll fill out the rest of the application and submit it and see how that goes. apparently, sophomore presidential scholars go away over spring break, and one of the destinations is dublin. i'm still planning on studying abroad in dublin between my junior and senior year, so getting a chance to see nyu in dublin would be lovely. we'll see.

what else. basically, i feel like the luckiest girl in the world, despite the minor stresses and future worryings. that boy (the one who thinks everything i write is a poem - no, who thinks i'm the embodiment of a poem, according to him) and i will be reaching the two-month mark on the 12th. i've never met or known anyone more genuine, kindhearted, intelligent, gorgeous, talented, tender, perfect as he is. i know i'm gushing. i'm well aware. but i've fallen hard (he says he fell for me the moment we met and had to find a way to get to know me), and it's beautiful. i never thought it was possible to actually find someone this great, but i did, and i trust him with everything i am, and he still thinks i'm beautiful even when i fall to pieces and cry just before we skype, even when i'm at my bitchiest, most vile, most disgusting, and when i'm most disgusted and unhappy with myself, he's beautiful and perfect to me. we're always about 3 and a half hours away from each other, but it's worth it. we're making it work. i could never ask for anything more, and i'm just glad he chose to be with me. honestly.

i do get to see him in six days, though; i'm taking the bus to visit for a night. it's not much, but it's better than nothing, and was the only time we could see each other between my spring break two weeks ago (which was lovely, since i was with him for the first weekend, but the weekend before that he was able to come and stay with me for two nights) and the end of school. again, better than nothing. and so very worth it.

i'm rambling on again, i know, but i felt like getting this out. bedtime now; tomorrow i'm having coffee with liz (who set us up, actually) and doing some more homework and reading a whole lot of ulysses (since i only have two more meetings of book club left before i'm done with this portion of my james joyce experience!). i also have to finish my six-page take-home quiz on roman numeral harmonic analysis for my music theory class. bah. it'll get done. it's just one thing i have to knock off my list before i can get on that bus.

Feb. 15th, 2010

cary grant & irene dunne / awful truth

(no subject)

these past few days were the best valentine's weekend i have ever spent. i'm so lucky.

Jan. 14th, 2010

patrick wolf likes the guitar

you've got a new love; sometimes it goes so fast.

i'm still shaking.


Jan. 5th, 2010

cary grant &amp; irene dunne / awful truth

what you share with the world is what it keeps of you.

i realize that what happened before — what didn't happen, rather — has made me unnecessarily insecure for way too long.

i also realize that what is happening right now is exactly what i deserve. no less.

i'm falling so hard. and it's lovely.

Nov. 27th, 2009

harry and the potters are neat.

i want your leather studded kiss in the sand

i've apparently become one of "those new york city kids." haven't i been one for a while?

and everything i write is a poem. not really. but possibly. i don't know where this is going or what this is or what is happening at all, but it's lovely.

i swear i'll update more about my general life when i have time (do i have time? maybe christmas break), but as for now, i'm going to go jam to lady gaga (don't get me started on this new obsession of mine) and read montaigne for con west. and then kataev for my russia seminar. and then gopnik for writing the essay. ugh. yay!

happy thanksgiving. <3

Sep. 23rd, 2009

cary grant &amp; irene dunne / awful truth

[fighting violets.]

nyu has taken over. i love it to pieces and wouldn't trade it for the world. i have found the best people in the whole world who are just as weird as i am and yet are beautiful and fashionable and hilarious and smart and will all be famous one day, i know it. i barely have any time to breathe. i got a job with the newspaper and have already had headlines published in print, which is big shit for a first-semester freshman copy editor. everything i study/talk about can be related to doc mott. i love my russian lit course. i love my life.

i met the chocolate man today.

wwjjd? he'd move to switzerland and write a book about it. everything is so joycean. doc mott would be proud. wwrd? we know the answer to that one.

i have a 9.30 voice lesson and then an 11 am class tomorrow, after which i am on home/"afternoon" duty for wsn (check it out: nyunews.com) and a general day of homework. broadway cares this sunday. harry and the potters for free in brooklyn on saturday.

i don't think i have ever enjoyed living as much as i do now.

"docta mottolese!"


May. 7th, 2009

andrew bird likes coffee.

on vonnegut.

Life is beautiful. My APs are over. My graduation dress is lovely. I bought adorable shoes today. I have no finals to take. I had a one-on-one class with my favorite teacher yesterday because everyone else was taking a Calc AP. I have a newfound love for Daniel Radcliffe. Bingley is a dear; we survived our first major accident (a car spun out on I-95 and whacked my driver's side while I was driving to school). The federal government and the state of New York both sent me money in the mail. I went to Austria and cultivated a love of Nutella and the Alps and European trains. My six year old laptop is hanging in there and its screen is being held up by duct tape (otherwise it will fall off); I need it for two weeks until I finally go buy my Mac. I auctioned off a guitar signed by Bruce Springsteen & co. at the school's bi-annual auction. My hair is ridiculously long. And John Cudia's coming back to Broadway (for real this time): http://www.playbill.com/news/article/129013.html

all for now.

Dec. 13th, 2008

cary grant &amp; irene dunne / awful truth

let's drink down a bottle of felix felicis

So December has been nice. I got my driver's license, seniors had our Skip Day, I've started rehearsals for (Scene)ioritis, I auditioned for The Boy Friend, and as of today I am an official member of the NYU class of 2013.

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